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157th Battle Of Gettysburg July 3 -4 2021

It was with great joy and anticipation that we rolled out to set camp for this event. After a difficult year with an almost complete disruption of any re-enactment events, we were "hungry" to get back to our hobby.

The weather forecast was excellent and we were excited to be out in the field. The battles, the camp, the cooking on the fire. The evenings among friends with stories old and new.

As we set camp on Friday, we quickly realized that the numbers among the re-enactor ranks were lower than in past years. Many are not 'back in the groove" yet, and many obviously chose to spend the Independence Day weekend with their loved ones. But the numbers on Federal and Confederate side were big enough to give the spectators a great show, and the Artillery on both sides was present in strong number. So we were sure the visitors would get a show that was worth their money! But would the spectators really show up? Nobody could really foresee what would happen, based on the pre-sales. But it did not take long until we realized, that there must have been way more people attending than expected! Long lines formed at the gates, overflow parking had to be arranged. And if that was not enough: Rarely ever did we have THAT many visitors in camp! An endless stream of interested families, couples, old and young, it was wonderful. Soon numbers were mentioned, of over 6,000 spectator tickets sold! Impression from the position of our canon, just before the battle on Saturday:

The interest in this part of American history is unbroken! And to us re-enactors, this means so much. And it motivated each and every participant on the battlefield to provide the best entertainment possible for the crowd. The scenarios portrayed on Saturday and Sunday were actual Gettysburg battle events: Culps Hill and Wheatfield. Both battles ended with sweeping victories for the Federal side.

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